We are one of the few treatment centers that offer a Family Program, as it is one of the most beneficial services we provide. 

Experience has shown that when family members participate in the treatment process, their loved one is more likely to be successful in long term recovery. Participants benefit from the program by:

  • Gaining new understandings
  • Growing a unique support system among other families with similar situations
  • Learn how to cope in healthy ways, set boundaries and discourage enabling
  • Learning about self-care for the family members
  • Breaking hurtful patterns in family relationships

Families that fully participate have the greatest chance of shifting in a positive direction. The rewards of learning healthy and loving ways of relating are endless. The Family Program is designed to assist residents and family members in sharing thoughts and feelings with each other in an honest, appropriate, and non-judgmental way.

Additionally, families are provided the opportunity to gain insight into what is at the core of the residents’ struggles.  We offer a Family Day at a local hotel where we host all families who wish to participate.   

What does the Family Program include?

We include education on the basic principles of family systems and opportunities for self-refection. Our families are given tools and techniques for fostering positive communication skills. During this time, you will and have the chance to practice these new skills. Healing occurs as your family addresses some of the issues that are present in the relationships. We provide support for this important communications work and, in a healthy way, how to dialogue around challenging feelings.

Our licensed and registered professionals are caring and highly trained. They are dedicated to helping you heal as a family. All the therapeutic work is facilitated in an environment that is structured and safe for all participants. We hope you will choose to do this courageous and potential transformative work at First City Mental Health Center. 

We look forward to supporting you throughout the entire experience.

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