Below is a list of items permissible to bring during your treatment stay:

  • Your own pillow for comfort, your own bedspread or comforter if you desire.
  • Casual clothing including a sweater or jacket and pajamas.
  • If the colder seasons, please bring (coat, jacket, stocking cap, gloves, warm socks, sweat shirts, long johns, warm boots).
  • Laundry is available, with soap and fabric softener available, if sensitive to soaps you are allowed to bring in your own.
  • Have all prescriptions filled before you come.
  • Please bring all current medications (any prescriptions MUST have the full pharmacy label intact). Over the counter, liquid medications and, Aspirin /Advil type medication, antacids, etc. must be UNOPENED!
  • No samples of prescriptions are allowed.
  • Multi-vitamins must be new and sealed.
  • Personal Insurance, ID and Contact Information: This may include a telephone number of whom to contact in an emergency, the telephone number of your primary care provider or doctor and the telephone number of your attorney.
  • Personal Grooming Items, electric or disposable razors, shaving cream and etc. Not all personal care items will be allowed because many of the items that we use on a daily basis have the potential for being used as a substance. For instance, mouthwash and some toothpaste will not be permitted because of its high alcohol content.
  • Co-payments for prescription medications - cash or credit card.

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